What Is It?

The Major, The Polar Bear Scholarship” is a $1000.00 award that will be given annually in June  to a deserving Massachusetts high school senior who will continue his/her education in an animal or environmental related field and has documented community service.

The first scholarship was awarded in 2001 to a deserving student from Malden.

Who Is Major?

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Major, the beloved Polar Bear of the Stone Zoo was put to sleep in June of 2000 after a long bout with cancer.  Major had been the star attraction since his arrival at the Stone Zoo in 1975.  He weighed about 900 pounds stood over 8’ tall and lived to be 33 years old ­ the oldest known polar bear in captivity. 

In addition to entertaining generations of families for more than 2 decades, Major was the “poster bear” that galvanized the community to successfully fight for the reopening of the Stone Zoo after its brief closure in the early 1990s.

How Can I Contribute?

Checks in any amount are greatly appreciated and should be made payable to the "Major the Polar Bear Scholarship" and mailed to the:

Questions about the NCECP or the scholarship may be mailed to:

PO Box 80255, Stoneham, MA 02180

Contact the NCECP at (
781) 279-4658 or via email info@ncecp.org


Limited edition “Major” wooden keepsake produced by “Cat’s Meow Village” exclusively
to raise funds for the Major, the Polar Bear Scholarship. This authentic collectible is available
for $15
(S&H included) by check or money order to: NCECP, PO Box 80255, Stoneham, MA   02180.
All proceeds will ensure the future of this annual award.

Major the Polar Bear Scholarship Application

Application is due in the NCECP office by May 26

The National Coalition for Educational and Cultural Programs, Inc.
PO Box 80255, Stoneham, MA 02180


I. Applicant Information:



Phone: _________________  E-Mail:_________________  DOB____/___/____

High School_______________________________________ Graduation Year________

Field in which you wish to continue your education:_______________________________


II. Institution/College you plan to attend:



Contact Person: (name)_______________________________________(Telephone #)_____


III. Essay Component: (Must be typewritten in font size12)

Part I: Tell us in great detail about what you have done for community service work and what you have learned from that experience [what, where, when, how, why].  (Min. 1Ú2 page, max. 1 page)

Part II: Describe what you plan on studying in college and your goals for applying your education after graduation. (Min. 1 paragraph, max. 2 paragraphs)

Part III: Tell us anything else you would like us to know when reviewing your application.
(Min. 1 paragraph, max. 2 paragraphs)


IV. Required Attachments:

Proof of status as a graduating senior.

Proof of community service.

List 3 references from:


1) a teacher or guidance counselor from the high school the applicant is graduating from
2) a supervisor that oversaw the applicant’s community service work, and
3) a former employer.

For each reference please list their name, title, e-mail, phone & fax #, as well as mailing address.

Proof of college acceptance.

Download Application (PDF)